Experience the power
of predictive analytics
in healthcare with Lumiata.

We’re ushering in a new era of groundbreaking predictive analytics – beginning with healthcare claims, claimants, and care.


Lumiata’s superior cost and risk predictions consistently outperform legacy methods and are modernizing how risk and care are managed across the broader healthcare space.

Through data management, machine learning tools, and AI based predictive analytics products custom-built for the healthcare industry, we provide actionable insights to help you reduce costs, improve care, and achieve favorable outcomes.

From underwriting to care management to pharmaceuticals – Lumiata has you covered. Our applications and data science tools enable flexible and collaborative partnerships between payers, providers, and digital healthcare companies.

Tools for Data Science Teams

Equip your data science teams with the machine learning predictive analytics tools they need.

  • Lightning AI Model Builder
  • Spectrum AI Model Catalog
  • ML Lifecycle Management
  • Healthcare Data Management
Tools for Business Teams

Superior predictive insights for managing cost and risk.

  • Predictive Applications
  • Healthcare Data Analytics
Tools for Care Managers
  • Ability to counsel your patients before onset of 130+ different diseases
  • Avoid costly surgeries and readmissions
  • Target your care to specific populations
  • We can assist you with local care recommendations

Your data illuminated.


Combine all your healthcare data sets, from standardized codes to handwritten notes, into a single data set.


Patient’s data is organized into a single record and enriched with Lumiata Disease Codes, making your data ready for machine learning.


Deep insights derived from your illuminated data can now help to inform better decision making to predict costs and manage risk.

We Draw From Healthcare Data, Medical Knowledge, And Clinical IP.


Patient Records


Physician Curation Hours


Articles Mined From PubMed

Does your healthcare data need help?

Quality predictions require quality data. That’s why we use our proprietary data preparation process to autonomously ingest, cleanse, and organize raw data into a consumable format ready for machine learning. From there, we generate valuable clinical and financial predictions to improve your decision making. Whether you’re an underwriter trying to set optimal pricing, or a data scientist tired of grinding away at inaccurate records, Lumiata has the healthcare data analytics and management solutions for you.

Lumiata is a prediction company focused only on healthcare, we're your crystal ball, we predict the future of claims, claimants, and care.

We do it on both sides of the business: cost and care. On the cost or administrative loss ratio (ALR) side, we predict costs, individual claims, and group costs. Primarily used by underwriters at payers to price business accurately. On the care or medical loss ratio (MLR) side, we predict the onset and progression of over 150 diseases. We predict when and what claims will be incurred that move a patient into an acute or chronic disease. We also provide any combination of these predictions.

We focus on payers, providers, and SaaS and services companies that are already embedded or helping healthcare. For that last group of companies, Lumiata expands or extends your product offering to make you sticker by adding predictive analytics into your existing product or service.

Predictive analytics is becoming table stakes in healthcare and will be ubiquitous. Get ahead and provide predictive capabilities today with a simple, lightweight solution that requires minimum data for maximum results.

Introducing Prism
by Lumiata

Prism is a revolutionary new deep learning approach to predict healthcare costs and clinical risk with game-changing speed, simplicity, and flexibility. It democratizes AI through a web-based, self-serve application that can produce results with as few as 50 patient records. Prism is a one-stop solution for almost any cost and disease prediction using claims data..

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