Welcoming the New Lumis

Earlier this year, our team drew up a set of  values that we want to uphold as a company. These values reflect who we are (including our quirks!), our aspirations, our strengths, and how we want to grow as a team. The two values I see come alive the most at the office are Teaching and Learning. Every day, as everyone settles into their desks, the team chatter slowly builds: the Data Engineering team  problem-solve on clusters; the Data Science team discuss how to apply methods from a paper they just read to their work; and the Business Development team shares new announcements in healthcare and ideas on progress. We are a small, nimble and growing team, and our culture of Teaching and Learning guides how we challenge each other, while fostering mutual growth, innovation and discovery.

​This past month, we welcomed five new hires to the team. Their expertise and diverse backgrounds will add to Teaching and Learning at Lumiata, and we are thrilled to introduce them here! Meet the new Lumiata Class, or ‘Lumis’ as we like to call ourselves.

​Mohsen Shokrollahi, Systems Administrator:
 As an IT professional with a decade of experience, I enjoy sharing knowledge and helping others achieve a greater level of technical expertise. I have a range of accomplishments and experience in network administration and engineering, data center support, and server design and implementation. I’ve also worked extensively on scaling optimization with high availability, developing support procedures to reduce staff costs and outages, and improving problem resolution efforts. I’m looking forward to applying my troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities to Lumiata’s day-to-day operations, and designing, implementing and operating cost effective solutions for the company’s IT infrastructure.

Min Guo, Data Engineer:  I am passionate about distributed computing and big data technology. I joined Lumiata’s Data Engineering team in October this year and am already excited about the possibilities of how Lumiata can change the future of healthcare.  I earned my Master’s degree in Computer Science at New York University in 2016. I also hold Ph.D. in Physics, and am looking forward to learning more from my colleagues.

Erica Ferguson, Human Resources and Office Manager: I bring two decades of professional experience in human resources and customer service.  I joined Lumiata because of its culture, and I’m excited to be part of its work in transforming the future of healthcare.  My responsibilities at the company include management of human resources, company culture activities and making sure the office runs smoothly on a daily basis by supporting all company life functions. I have a Bachelors or Arts degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University.

Alexandra Pettet, Data Scientist: I come from a background in Pure Mathematics, with several years of experience working in academia. I entered the tech industry with a specific interest in working in healthcare, where machine learning and AI have the potential to profoundly improve the quality of lives. I feel very privileged to be working at Lumiata, where I have discovered a friendly and supportive team, and a mission I believe in.​

Renzo Frigato, Data Engineer: I have a background in Mathematics and nine years of Software Engineering experience from Stanford, Amazon and Accenture. This summer, I participated in the Insight Data Engineering program to deepen my knowledge on big data systems. As part of the program, I created a personal project to compare multiple recommendation algorithms of news articles, using technologies like Kafka, Spark and Elasticsearch. I am very excited to apply my skills at Lumiata. Making healthcare better is an ambitious and important task, and leveraging data effectively is essential to accomplishing it.

Derek Gordon
COO, Lumiata