Lightning Model Builder

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Experience friction-free machine learning productivity

We’re inviting you to take Lightning Model Builder home for 2 weeks all features included. Get to know the productivity tool that empowers healthcare data scientists with machine learning predictive capabilities—fast.
Unleash the predictive power of your healthcare data.

Automate your
data management

Clean, normalize, and
enrich your data with
Lumiata’s clinical IP.

your machine
learning operations

Build, deploy, and
maintain machine
learning models, faster.

models or build
from scratch

Over 100 pre-trained
models available to align with your specific need.

Lightning Model Builder

Test drive the predictive power of Lightning Model Builder with pre-trained models that can be used as-is, or customized for your specific needs.

Using our carefully curated synthetic data, your data scientists and analysts will experience new levels of efficiency and preview a path to ridiculously short feature engineering cycles with less strain on internal IT resources. Look under the hood and you’ll find Lumiata’s flexible infrastructure and models trained on enormous datasets.

Lightning Model Builder lives in a 100% managed, SaaS environment, so no worries over clusters and infrastructure. Run queries on tens of millions of records in seconds and get results from experiments within minutes.
It’s completely free—no contracts or payment information required. That’s a $3,000 value—all you have to do is register.

Lumiata models are crushing benchmarks

Cotivity by 60%

Wakely by up 80%

DHHS by more 200%

What we’re hearing

“The pre-trained models in Lightning Model Builder make it so easy to experiment. I can work quickly and see results fast. I love all of the pre-built

Data Scientist, mid-size health plan

“My team is so much more productive. Since we started using Lightning Model Builder, our output as tripled.”

VP of Data Science, health plan

“We got started in machine learning faster than I’ve ever seen at any other

VP of Innovation, healthcare enterprise SaaS company

Unleash the power of Lightning Model Builder

It’s easy to try Lumiata

Enriched models

Lumiata models are enriched with more than 100 million patient records, 35 thousand hours of physician curation, and 50 million articles mined.

Built for healthcare data pros

We’re the only AI company built from the ground up, specifically for the healthcare industry.

No data necessary

We have an environment waiting for you with synthetic data so you can try the tools today.