Transforming Data Into Insights

Through data engineering, medical data enrichment and pattern discovery with resulting predictions, we do more with data as we strive to make healthcare smarter. Slide the < > handle below to see how we transform data into insights in four stages:

Stage 1
Medical Data
​to Patient Records

Patient events (claims, labs, drugs and procedures) are structured into FHIR, a standardized format for healthcare data.

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Stage 2
Patient Records
​to Patient Journeys

Transformations of multiple events form features that define patient journeys, mapping historic patient data to present health states.

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Stage 3
Patient Journeys
to Lumiata Model

Through machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) informs model insights.

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Stage 4
Lumiata Model
to Lumiata Insights

With Lumiata Insights, at both the patient and population level, cost predictions for health spend forecasts can be accurately made in a timely fashion.

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