More patients

means more data.

Leverage Lumiata’s predictive insights to improve patient outcomes for the long term.

AI for Telemedicine

The rapid utilization of telemedicine – from telehealth visits, to monitoring of chronic conditions, to in-home treatments such as dialysis and infusion – offers many opportunities for creating a primary care relationship with patients. Retaining patients and optimally managing their health are critical to long-term success. Lumiata’s financial, clinical, and operational prediction models provide invaluable insights to better support and manage expanding patient populations in telemedicine.

Population and Primary
Care Health Management

  • Lumiata’s AI Platform is able to unify all types of data sources – from EMRs to handwritten notes – and enrich it for machine learning. You are then equipped with predictions to better manage your population’s health needs for the long term.
  • Lumiata can use existing symptom checker and other types of data to predict which patients are at risk so you can intervene before critical care is needed.
  • Lumiata can turn your unstructured telemedicine data into clinical insights, which can help you personalize your patients’ experience and create relationships that last. 
  • Lumiata can use your data to identify patients who are likely to develop a disease in the next 12 months, allowing you to get them on a care path to help prevent catastrophic events and allow you to better manage chronic diseases.

At-risk Patient Management

  • Lumiata can stratify and predict which patients are candidates for remote care, helping to realize savings by avoiding costly and unnecessary facility care.
  • Lumiata can predict which patients are at risk for readmission so you can provide remote care support to keep them out of the emergency department.

Lumiata’s AI Products: Features and Benefits

Working With Us

  • Lumiata’s AI Platform includes a data science tool set so your team can stop using spreadsheets and start building and using models within hours.
  • We provide autonomous quality checks on all data sets in the AI Platform.
  • Our products integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. 
  • Our pre-trained machine learned models are proven to be 5-35% more accurate than leading prediction models.

Using Our Tools

  • Leverages predictions that can guide care management design based on patient risks.
  • Gives you the ability to identify at-risk patients.
  • Allows you to review care utilization, health conditions, and prescription medications for each patient. 
  • Provides increased ability to optimize clinical resource allocation.
  • Generates accurate predictions of more than 20 diseases.
  • Provides early identification of patients with a likelihood of developing intervention-intensive conditions.
  • Offers insights into disease-related complications so you can reduce hospital admissions.