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Say hello to the newest faces of healthcare AI!

Being in the healthcare industry means that we at Lumiata have the rare privilege to touch millions of lives with our work, a privilege that requires a strong bias for action and results. Because of this, we’re constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who embody the spirit and core values of Lumiata. Values like empathy, honesty, and intellectual rigor. Values that drive us to succeed in the fast-paced and enriching world of healthcare AI. From our founders to our newest employees, we’re proud of every member of the Lumiata team, and we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our latest additions.

Say hello to the newest faces of healthcare AI!

Cristina Garcia 

For over ten years, Christina has been making clients happy with her extensive B2B sales experience, providing excellent service results. Born in Guadalajara, she spent most of her career with media companies in Mexico, helping clients increase brand awareness with custom media plans. A lover of puzzles and art, Christina’s always been drawn to a challenge and seeking unique solutions for every opportunity. This passion for complexity drew her to Lumiata, and we’re excited she’s here! In addition to puzzles and art, Christina’s also a lover of fitness and cookies. Talk about a challenge!

Tony Nelson

As a former physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Tony Nelson brings a wealth of machine learning experience to Lumiata. His research focused on applying machine learning solutions to nuclear counterterrorism applications and validating physics simulation codes by modeling benchmark experiments. As a physicist, Tony is naturally drawn to technically challenging projects, so Lumiata was a perfect fit for his talents. We’re looking forward to making great strides in healthcare AI with his help. Tony also holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech and had the opportunity to perform experiments at Area 6, a former nuclear test site that’s part of the same complex as Area 51. Cool!

Chow Mok

Chow brings with her a wealth of experience as a Senior Customer Success Manager. With a focus on customer loyalty and satisfaction, she’s able to build long-term client relationships that form deep bonds between a business and its customers. Chow has always sought to make a difference in the world, so when the opportunity to join Lumiata came, she knew it would be a perfect fit. As a company that thrives on empathy and intellectual rigor, we’re incredibly excited to get to work with a talented relationship builder (and baker!) like Chow.

Pablo Camargo

When it comes to talent, Pablo knows what to look for. As an experienced recruiter, he understands what makes someone a perfect fit for the job, and he knew right away that Lumiata was the perfect one for him. After over ten years working for different IT companies, Pablo sought to bring his talents to a startup that shared his values of innovation, honesty, and results. We think Lumiata was a natural choice, and we’re proud that he’s chosen to join our team. When he’s not busy taking care of business here, he takes care of a beautiful dog he adopted last year.

Jorge Enrique Alavez

“Who wouldn’t want to be part of a better future for humanity?” That’s what Jorge asked himself before deciding to join Lumiata, and we’re glad he did. With over 11 years of experience in sales and finance roles, including as a Credit Manager at Credomatic and a Credit Underwriter for a credit and lease subsidiary of Mercedez Benz, Jorge brings a wealth of invaluable experience to the team here at Lumiata. His passion for Lumiata’s goals and values will surely be an enriching experience for us both. Jorge is a natural people person and loves to bring joy and excitement wherever he goes. He loves it so much that he even became a DJ just last year!

Bryn Waibel

Bryn has been coding professionally since 1997 when he worked at a small company making survey software that integrated with email systems. His immense talents quickly brought him to Microsoft, where he spent ten years making developer tools, and later Brightcove, where he spent another ten years building and architecting. As someone who seeks new opportunities and new challenges at every turn, Bryn was immediately drawn to Lumiata and the exciting business and problem sets that we have. With a sea of data before him, Bryn’s mind flooded with ideas and opportunities, and he just knew he had to join us here at Lumiata. When he’s not busy doing amazing things for us, he’s busy spending every moment that he can with his family. Together they enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer, from surfing and skiing to camping and cycling.

Barbara Bai

Prior to joining the team here at Lumiata, Barbara worked as a statistician at Harvard Medical School. Barbara’s background in the medical field made her a natural fit for the team here at Lumiata, where healthcare is our priority, and her interest in statistics was a perfect fit for our data-driven approach to healthcare AI. With her wealth of experience in healthcare statistics, Barbara is certainly a critical addition to our team, and we’re excited to have her here.

Luis Vargas

Luis came to Lumiata from DatioBD, where he worked as a Data Scientist focused on deploying ML pipelines on production. A pioneering spirit, he’s always on the lookout for innovative spirits and opportunities to create an exciting new future. From the non-profit ventures he engages in his free time to the passion he has for surrealism, jazz, and coding experiments, Luis’s passion for creativity and the limits of the cutting edge drive him forward. We can’t wait to see what new paths he can open up for the healthcare AI industry here at Lumiata.

Alberto Vásquez

Alberto is an accomplished software engineer with more than 13 years of experience building enterprise applications. Most recently, he worked with General Electric on their energy business, building analytics and data visualizations used to maintain, procure, and get insights about industrial assets. Having always been attracted to the idea of working in the healthcare industry, Alberto is excited to be working on innovative AI projects that will allow him to contribute to an industry that’s respected as one of the most important pillars of our society. When he’s not busy making a difference in his professional life, Alberto loves spending time with his children and keeping fit with sports like basketball and swimming. 

Alexa Bartimus 

With 5 years experience in B2C and B2B marketing, as well as a degree in Business Administration, Alexa has all the qualities we could want in a Digital Marketing Manager. Her entrepreneurial spirit and her enthusiasm for self care led her to create not one, but two successful wellness and lifestyle endeavors – her blog, Healthy Dash of Sass, and her own social media marketing business called Healthy Dash of Social. She’s always passionate about helping her clients grow their business, and is dedicated to ensuring they get the results they’re looking for. Discovering that unique “self” that every brand is the challenge that keeps her coming back for more. When she’s not helping businesses rock their online presence, you can probably find her relaxing in nature and dreaming up a name for the mission-based coffee shop she’d love to one day own.

Pedro has developed an impressive set of operational and leadership skills with over eight years of professional experience. Before joining Lumiata, Pedro worked as Chief of Staff and Business Operations Manager at FidoCure, where he managed the business administration, investor relations, financial ops, and legal matters. He also worked as Legal Counsel at a top LatAm bank. Pedro holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, a Business and Law Certificate from The Wharton School of Business, and a Law degree from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.