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Healthcare data is uniquely complex—in both challenges and potential. But your data science strategy can be easier. Built from the ground up to fit healthcare (and only healthcare), Lumiata AI products provide both the tools and collaboration that scale with you.

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empower our data science team with tools that allow us to move fast.

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Looking to get started now? Check out Lumiata packages—get your data machine-learning-ready, build predictions fast, or have us build and train your models. Lumiata is the best of healthcare machine learning—in one, straightforward partnership.


Lightning AI Model Builder

Friction-free machine learning productivity

  • Immediately build high-performing models from tens of thousands of auto-generated, healthcare-specific machine learning features (all tested and proven with healthcare data)
  • Scale as your needs evolve without being slowed down by large, dirty datasets or server issues
  • Increase ingenuity and speed with the ability to have multiple data scientists working at the same data on the same platform—with zero lag
  • Innovate new ML features from a foundation of data enriched by Lumiata’s clinical IP, disease codes, and lab results, thanks to cross walking from NDC to RxNorm, across ICD code sets, and more
  • Low latency exploratory data analysis to query millions of records in seconds—not minutes

Model building doesn’t have to be a struggle over IT resources. With Lightning AI Model Builder, your data scientists and analysts will reach new levels of efficiency and productivity in feature engineering and model building. You’ll see ridiculously short feature engineering cycles and fewer limitations because of internal IT resources—that’s because Lightning AI Model Builder allows you to leverage Lumiata’s flexible infrastructure to train on enormous datasets, without server issues or limits to your scientists’ creativity. 


Spectrum AI Model Catalog

Ready-made healthcare ML models that solve real healthcare problems.

  • Step into AI, even if you don’t have a data science team
  • Solve underwriting and pricing challenges with pre-trained ML models built for healthcare
  • Leverage predictions to design care management based on patient and population risks
  • Generate accurate predictions for the onset of 20+ diseases

Spectrum AI Model Catalog has over 100 pre-trained models that can be used as-is or customized to fit your needs. You’ll access a financial model suite up to 80% more accurate than competitors’ cost prediction models* and a clinical suite that’s up to 65% more accurate than leading carrier annual/experience-blended formula rates. There are three ways to leverage Spectrum AI Model Catalog:

  • Dive into data science through pre-trained models
  • Build smarter models with transfer learning that leverages 100+ million records
  • Have us build a custom model for you

*based on a head-to-head comparison with Wakely and Cotiviti

Financial ModelsClinical Models
-High-Cost Member or Patient
-Group Cost
-Chronic Condition Management
-Disease Onset


Predictive Applications & Healthcare Analytics

Easy-interface predictions and dashboards

  • Bring advanced business analytics and scalable data science productivity—even to non-technical users
  • Provide more effective treatments by seeing high-risk patients and their key risk factors
  • Identify members likely to develop a disease or at risk of hospitalization in the next 12 months
  • Optimize stop-loss underwriting

This is where design, performance, and healthcare machine learning innovation meet. You’ll find a robust and refined user interface powered by transparent models pre-built from 100 million+ patient records. Keep up with your dynamic membership and patient population needs with no technical expertise required—all while you access the ongoing data maintenance and hygiene that keep your data machine-learning-ready.

Financial ApplicationsClinical Applications
Access dozens of customizable models to improve financial performance.Look ahead into disease onset and future medical events


Healthcare Data Management

Your path to pristine healthcare data.

  • Build models free of data quality issues
  • Reduce time building models 65-85% —get started in days, not weeks or months
  • Free your data team to spend more time on data science and less on data engineering
  • Scale the talents of your engineers, data scientists, and analysts
  • Centralized longitudinal person records

Your data deserves better. Lumiata will shine a light on your disparate and duplicate data, enriching and normalizing your assets longitudinally with our clinical IP and Lumiata disease codes. The result is sparkling clean, individual health history records—the best starting point for easy analysis and the ongoing evolution of your machine learning capabilities.


ML Lifecycle Management

Travel the machine learning lifecycle, the easy way.

  • Seamlessly move your models into production
  • Accelerate the building, deployment, maintenance, and operations of your ML models
  • Invest fewer people in your ML ops
  • Get to your ideal models faster with shorter experimentation cycles

The journey into healthcare ML will require your entire team to know how to build AI systems across the entire ML lifecycle—unless you have Lumiata. We manage the data and infrastructure; we handle the model packages and manage ML operations. You build and deploy models and start scaling your way to real healthcare innovation.