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An array of packages to help your business shine

We work with you wherever you are in AI.


Lumiata offers a range of packages so that you can quickly move your AI journey forward. We work with your specific needs and make it easy to get started. It’s not uncommon to have your first predictions within two weeks of data ingestion.

You need your data machine learning ready.
You need to get predictions quickly and increase productivity.
You would like us to build and train your model.
Data Managementincludedincludedincluded
AI ModelOne Model
Option A: Pre-trained
Option B: Transfer learning
One Model Custom Trained to your data
Lightning Model Builder License123
Model Drift Monitoringincludedincluded
Model Retrainingincluded
Data Science SupportDedicated
Data Science Support
Data Science Support
PriceStarting at 
per month

Talk To Sales
Starting at 
per month
Talk To Sales
Starting at 
per month
Talk To Sales

Glowing Add-ons

Your one-stop shop to customize any of the packages above with additional

Data TablesPredictive ApplicationsPredictive Models
You’ve got multiple data sources and it all needs to be ingested.You’re going to need to share predictions with your business users on the platform.You need more than what’s offered in the packages.
Lightning Model Builder LicensesModel RetrainingAPIs
You’ve got a larger data science team and they all need to be productive.You need to keep model drift in check over time.You’ve got multiple systems that need to feed into or draw information from the platform.

You Should Know:

  • Prices are per model, bulk pricing available.
  • Prices for pre-trained and transfer learning models vary slightly.
  • Data Management price is set based on the number of tables. Packages include 6 tables.
  • Data Science time based on a 12-month period.
  • All packages include 2 TB of storage.
  • All package pricing is based on an annual contract.

Don’t see anything that fits your business?
Let us know and we’ll work with you and put together a package that fits perfectly.

Don’t wait, your AI Journey is about to get much brighter.