My Next Challenge and What Inspired It

Photo: Dilawar Syed
Dilawar Syed, President & CEO

I am excited to share that I have joined Lumiata as CEO. Few challenges so profoundly impact millions of Americans as the rising cost of healthcare. Yet, with revolutionary advances in computing at our disposal, access to health data, and predictive powers of analytics, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform care.

​I am energized to lead Lumiata’s new mission to make healthcare smarter. The execution of this mission will, in part, be guided by the modern enterprise playbook: Our health analytics products will be compelling in predictive precision, as well as, user experience and the customer engagement model. 

Our focus is to deliver greater precision in costs and risk to major health plans, care providers, and employers, and enable pathways for smarter, more tailored care. Our work builds on the promise of AI, clinical knowledge, and our team’s collective heart to change healthcare for the better.

Millions of Americans today remain uninsured or underinsured; often just one diagnosis away from bankruptcy. Employers, who in post-WWII America became the main source of healthcare coverage, find rising costs a top contributor to the cost of doing business –– affecting job creation and opportunity.

Clearly, the scale and complexity of the healthcare challenge is enormous. Yet, the promise of AI to bend the cost curve is awe-inspiring, especially when mission-guided entrepreneurs set out to tackle it — fearlessly. We can contemplate a more hopeful future, when employers of all sizes, health plans and care providers can become smarter agents in healthcare by embracing modern, predictive analytics.

Since April I’ve been huddled with our smart and impassioned team in San Mateo, customers who’re partnering with us everyday, and Lumiata’s iconic investors. It’s been an intense start to a purposeful journey I had sought after an amazing, memorable run at Freshworks.

These past few weeks at Lumiata have also reaffirmed my belief in an essential leadership principle: Passionate, empowered, and aligned people can turn a corner on any challenge or adversity — no matter its enormity, intensity, or type. Team Lumiata is on course. As we move forward, our execution will be guided and inspired each day by the outcomes we can drive for millions of Americans.

We are Lumiata. We make healthcare smarter.

Dilawar Syed
President & CEO, Lumiata