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Photo of data science team

Lumiata’s Increasing Depth in Data Science

Lumiata’s core is constructed with data science, as we build models for cost and disease prediction. This year, we’ve welcomed new members to our data science team with a shared dedication to use deep learning and machine learning to innovate healthcare. We’re honored to introduce them.

From left to right in the above photo: Matthew McClelland, Wideet Shende, Anusha Mohan, Hilaf Hasson, and Li-Yen Hsu

Hilaf Hasson
I was born in Arizona, and moved to Israel when I was still a baby. At 19 I graduated with a BSc from Tel Aviv University and moved back to the US to do a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve spent the years before coming to Lumiata as a mathematician, having done research as faculty at three different universities: Penn State, Stanford University, and the University of Maryland. I’m excited about applying my knowledge and skills to improving the US healthcare system.

Li-Yen Hsu
I have a background in Physics and Astronomy, with my PhD research on the evolution of distant galaxies. I decided to switch to data science in the tech industry, hoping to use machine learning and my quantitative skills to make direct impact to the society. I feel privileged to work in Lumiata, where I can not only work on advanced technology, but also solve important problems to improve healthcare and the quality of lives.

Matthew McClelland
I recently graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Masters degree in Data Science. In addition to studying contemporary computation and analytical techniques, I worked with the LA County Registrar, analyzing county wide voting behaviour. It’s been exciting to apply my experience to the health domain with Lumiata.

Anusha Mohan
I joined Lumiata as a Data Scientist in May 2018. I have my Master’s degree in Biotechnology and four years of experience working in biopharmaceutical industry. I completed Graduate certificate program in Data science from Harvard University and I joined Galvanize Data Science immersive program to strengthen my skills to drive business decisions by leveraging data. I am passionate about using machine learning techniques to get actionable insights from big data to improve healthcare system. I strongly believe in Lumiata’s mission as data science has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. 

Wideet Shende
I graduated from UC Berkeley in May, 2018 with a degree in Statistics and Computer Science and began working here at Lumiata a month later. During my time at Berkeley I participated in several Data Science internships and research projects that helped bolster my skills as a Data Scientist. I am excited to be working here with the mission to help people across the country by making healthcare more affordable.