What if your Healthcare Data Could Generate Predictions?

Lumiata is the solution to simplify your healthcare data management. What if your healthcare data could generate predictions that made a material difference to your business: actuarial insights that are actionable, patient behavior, provider trends, forecasts of new high-cost members? Lumiata’s healthcare data management as a service empowers your entire organization to access and query data – fast. Lumiata’s predictions take your data to the next level.

Building predictive machine learning models requires significant infrastructure and capabilities, not to mention patience. What are your biggest challenges?

Are your data scientists spending their time cleaning data rather than getting insights from it?

Lumiata frees your team to focus on the most critical work with a data and machine learning platform that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow. The Lumiata AI Platform ingests and cleans healthcare data in all forms. Lumiata empowers your entire organization to access and query data – fast.

Are you struggling to achieve the interoperability of your healthcare data?

The Lumiata Data Management as a service is designed for you to fully unlock the potential of your data, so your entire organization can access and query data – fast. 

  • Data is organized into individual, longitudinal person records
  • Records are enriched with the Lumiata proprietary disease codes and can be queried and analyzed across your organization
  • Your data science team can quickly build, deploy, and monitor machine learning models

Are your business leaders getting all of the answers they need from their healthcare data?

Lumiata is an artificial intelligence company built for healthcare and has proprietary, pre-trained machine learning models, making it easy to predict costs, high-cost members, disease onset, progression and more..

  • Lumiata models can stand-alone, supplement or augment your existing capabilities:
    • Cost Prediction for Individuals, Groups, and New Business
    • Payment Integrity
    • High-Cost Member 
    • Medical Events
    • Disease Onset Predictions
  • Pre-trained ML models have predictive power to help everyone throughout your organization, from Data Scientists to Underwriters to line-of-business leaders, to pull and analyze data
  • Your data science team can also build custom models, compare multiple models, quickly deploy and monitor

Lumiata is the Solution; We are a partner who is dedicated to healthcare AI. 

Lumiata was founded specifically for the healthcare industry. We are focused on delivering solutions that seamlessly fit into healthcare’s existing workflow. 

We employ some of the nation’s leading data science and machine learning talent. Our AI Platform and tools, powered by over 130 million patient data records, are specifically designed to manage the challenges and risks unique to healthcare. 

Lumiata empowers your team to efficiently build, deploy, and monitor machine learning models — fast.

We’ll work with you and engage your teams to identify the solutions that address your unique challenges. Whether you’re struggling with infrastructure, the right talent, and especially if you’re running out of patience — we can help.