Lumiata COVID-19 Global AI Hackathon, April 17 - May 1

Lumiata Brings AI to the Forefront with COVID-19 Global AI Hackathon

An illustrious judging panel of AI thought leaders will select the winners with solutions that capture the power and use of AI to address risk and cost associated with COVID-19
San Mateo, CA – April 14, 2020 – Lumiata uses artificial intelligence to address the cost and risk of healthcare for customers. As the provider of an AI-powered platform and models for the healthcare industry, Lumiata accelerates its focus on the world’s most pressing issue, COVID-19, with the Lumiata COVID-19 Global AI Hackathon.

Lumiata COVID-19 Global AI Hackathon 
Lumiata invites data scientists, machine learning practitioners, developers, health IT professionals, public health experts and others around the globe, to participate in the hackathon and address current challenges posed by COVID-19 and/or the future impact of COVID-19 on global healthcare.

All hackathon entries will be judged by a panel recognized AI thought leaders from across the globe.

Aneesh Chopra
President, Care Journey
Former United States CTO
Obama Administration

Edward Frenkel
Professor of Mathematics,
University of California, Berkeley
Member, American Academy
of Arts and Sciences,
Author, Love and Math

Chris Gough
General Manager,
Intel Health & Life Sciences

Aashima Gupta
Global Director, Healthcare Solutions
Google Cloud

Junling Hu
Founder and CTO,
Author, The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence
Vinod Khosla
Founder, Khosla Ventures

Katherine Klein
Edward H. Bowman Professor
Professor of Management
Vice-Dean, Wharton
Social Impact Initiative

Bill Lucia
Chairman & CEO, HMS

Severence M. MacLaughlin
Managing Director,
DeLorean Artificial Intelligence

Lisa Suennen
Leader, Manatt Digital and Technology
Leader, Venture Capital/Emerging Companies Practice

“Data is fuel, an asset in today’s healthcare world, where AI helps develop solutions that address cost and risk to improve patient outcomes,” said Dilawar Syed, CEO of Lumiata. Syed explained that the potential to use AI for COVID-19 solutions led to the hackathon.

Ideas for these potential solutions, judging criteria, data requirements and sources, judging panel and other information appear on the COVID-19 Global AI Hackathon website. Winners will be announced on May 8 with winning solutions hosted on the Lumiata AI platform with full credit to the developer.

“We designed the hackathon to encourage the many talented minds across the globe to address the challenges of COVID-19 using AI,” said Syed. “These talented experts can develop their own ideas using AI to address the challenges of this public health crisis.”

Visit the Lumiata COVID-19 Global AI Hackathon page for more information and to register. Follow the hackathon at #LumiataCOVID19.