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What Makes Lumiata Unique?

Healthcare data solutions help you get the most out of your data by using it to generate valuable, actionable insights. At Lumiata, our goal is to help your advanced analytics plan so you can gain insights into your population, manage risk, reduce costs and improve the quality of care. Here’s a look at what makes Lumiata unique.

Technology built for healthcare

Our products were built specifically for healthcare to ensure providers and payers have the tools and insights necessary to manage their unique needs. Our mission is to modernize the healthcare enterprise with artificial intelligence (AI).

Lumiata is an AI-first, cloud-first, healthcare-first solution. Our models offer valuable insights and predictions using 120+M patient records and over 5M machine learning features. Our enterprise-scale solutions consist of a modern tech stack, cloud infrastructure, and end-to-end data management. We also use various apps and tools, including proprietary, pre-trained AI models and a data science toolkit, to identify helpful information from the data you collect.

We work with you at any point in the journey.

Our end-to-end product ensures we’re with you every step of the way. By simplifying each step in the machine learning lifecycle, we enable your data scientists to focus on building and deploying models rather than dealing with data prep, infrastructure, and deployment.

Our five-step approach includes:

1. Data ingestion and preparation

2. Data exploration

3. Model training

4. Prediction results

5. Model deployment  

Our Lightning Model Builder works with your data to provide valuable analytics. We then add our Spectrum Model Catalog to enable you to use your data to make predictions.

Lumiata accelerates AI speed-to-market

While other data solutions in the industry take months to implement, Lumiata offers faster ramp-up speeds, enabling you to uncover helpful insights in weeks.

In the first 4 to 6 weeks, we prepare your data by mapping a sample dataset to create Lumiata Person 360 Records. Next is implementation, a 2-3 week process where we retrain our models using your dataset to optimize model performance. We then process your full dataset and any data updates at a rate of 1 TB per hour, including data quality, data transformation, and data enrichment utilizing our industrialized Data Management process. This means we can implement data quality, data transformation, data enrichment, and model training using an automated process in weeks, where other vendors and internal teams often take 6-12 months for implementing Data Quality and transformation, and upwards of 1-3 years to achieve data enrichment and predictive modeling capabilities.

Once our solution is live, we establish a data refresh cadence daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your business and prediction needs.

Our Lightning Model Builder helps you develop and deploy faster

Our Lightning AI Model Builder enables you to train on massive datasets without infrastructure management and hardware limitations or issues. Unlike other products on the market, our solution allows multiple data science team members to work simultaneously with no lag, improving the speed of innovation and team collaboration.

Our platform’s structured framework accelerates your AI journey in two ways: from a functionality perspective and a performance perspective.


Our ETL framework uses configurations to map your raw data to our Lumiata Person 360 Records, using built-in rules to map healthcare codes and metadata for data quality, normalization, and enrichment. Our healthcare-specific feature family functions to vectorize this data to build and run healthcare-focused models.


Our cloud-based infrastructure scales elastically based on your data size. Typically, we might take four tables of claims metadata – and transform that into our Lumiata Person 360 ML ready records. We then vectorize this data by generating a matrix consisting of longitudinal member/patient info with millions of input features.

Using cloud scalability, we use elasticity-allocated worker nodes and VCPUs to help you quickly build and train models with incredible efficiency. With Lumiata’s cloud scalability, we can train models on the platform in minutes. Traditional approaches can take hundreds of hours to prepare and verify before starting the model tuning process repeatedly.

Lumiata AI models are enhanced with COVID-19 claims.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a whole new set of issues for healthcare professionals to deal with. To help you manage risk, we’ve enhanced our AI models to include new data on medical, behavioral health, and prescription drug claims through December 2020. This includes 120 million patient records, 35,000 physician curation hours, and 50 million published articles mined.

All of this data together improves the accuracy of predictive analytics to help you manage COVID-19’s impact. Payers have used Lumiata to predict the effect of the pandemic on individual and group costs, forecast admissions and readmissions to the hospital and ICU, and calculate COVID-19 incidence by a hospital system or region. Providers have used Lumiata to keep physicians informed of patient medical status and enhance clinical decision making, forecast recurrence or resurgence of COVID-19 using epidemiological models, predict admissions and readmissions to the hospital or ICU, and calculate COVID-19 incidence by community, system, and region.

Want to learn more?

The correct data science tools can help you use your data to understand your members or patients better and make informed decisions regarding their care and costs. Lumiata offers high-quality products, technology, and service to help you improve the quality of care, manage risk, and reduce costs. Want to see how Lumiata’s unique data solution can help your organization. Click here to request a demo.