What Pain Points Does Lumiata Solve For Healthcare?

You value your members and want to provide them with the best care possible. Consolidating healthcare data can be a time-consuming process, that’s where Lumiata comes in.

We simplify your journey into healthcare AI and machine learning so you can get the most out of your data.

Here’s a look at some of the joint pain points healthcare organizations face and how Lumiata solves them.

Pain point: You have a lot of healthcare data but need better insights

Healthcare data offers several benefits, including helping you monitor your organization and your members.

However, the data can also be complicated and challenging. If you don’t have helpful and actionable insights, you can only do so much with the data.

Solution: Lumiata improves your healthcare data insights

Lumiata’s AI products put your data to use by providing valuable predictions to help you determine the best next steps.

Our products support collaboration and include useful tools to help you carry out an effective data science strategy. Our Lightning AI Model Builder allows you to build high-performing data models using your clean and enriched data.

We also provide the Spectrum AI Model Catalog, which contains 100 ready-made yet customizable financial and clinical models. Lumiata is here to help you solve real healthcare problems.

Our models can help you predict the onset of specific diseases in members, predict costs and solve underwriting challenges.

Our models help make informed decisions about care management, and more. You’ll have the knowledge you need to help you put the right resources towards your most considerable risks and challenges.

By offering a data management product, we’ve also helped partners prepare their data for:

  • Machine learning interoperability frustrations
  • Improve their model performance
  • Make more accurate predictions.

Pain point: You want to reduce the risk

Reducing risk can help you provide better care for members and improve your healthcare organization’s operations. However, finding and analyzing data to help you make decisions takes time and isn’t always easy.

Solution: Lumiata helps you reduce risk

By predicting clinical and financial issues, you can to take proactive steps towards reducing risk and improving outcomes.

Predict health issues

Lumiata predicts member health issues to help you reduce risk and improve care management.

For example, we can expect the onset or progression of acute or chronic diseases and identify members who are likely to develop intervention-intensive conditions.

We can also identify high-risk members, members at risk of hospitalization within the next 12 months and predict at-home patient success. With this information, you can provide more effective treatments and better care.

Predict costs

Our financial models can predict various costs that could impact your organization. For example, we can expect high-cost members and new and renewing group costs.

We can help you reduce risk and minimize clinic care to increase your margins. One way we’ve helped our customers reduce risk and reach their goals is by enabling them to build a machine learning underwriting strategy.

We’ve used accurate cost and risk predictions to increase their competitiveness, detect anomalies in the underwriting process to improve their accuracy, slow market share erosion due to sub-optimal pricing, and more.

Lumiata’s products will also help organizations adjust to the “next to normal” that post-pandemic life will bring. Already, we’ve helped partners identify and address cost-bloomers, address COVID cost peaks and valleys, and predict post-pandemic disease onset and progression.

We offer AI solutions for payers and providers, so everyone involved can improve their potential accuracy in managing the pandemic’s impact.

Pain point: You want to provide the best care possible

You work hard to keep your members healthy and happy. Lack of modern technology that makes care management more manageable and more effective.

Solution: We launch you into machine learning-enabled care management

Lumiata’s solutions support your care management efforts with AI and machine learning, making it easier to manage and analyze your healthcare data, predict and reduce risk, and improve care for your members and patients. For example, consider care management for people affected by chronic and complex diseases.

We’ve helped our partners gain better visibility into members at risk for chronic disease, predict disease onset, predict at-home member success, and better plan for future volume surges and increased demand for care.

Additionally, Lumiata can help healthcare organizations and ACOs reduce hospital admissions, predict hospitalizations, plan for treatments to lower re-admittance rates, and review a member’s care utilization, prescription medications, and health conditions.


Machine Learning Healthcare Data

For healthcare organizations turning to telemedicine as part of their care management efforts, Lumiata can solve your pain points here, too.

We start by unifying your data sources – whether handwritten notes or EMR entries – and enriching them for machine learning. We make sure your data will help you succeed at providing the best care for your members.

We’ve helped our partners identify at-risk members before significant health events, identify physicians who have at-risk patients, and have provided valuable information.

Our partners can build telemedicine strategies that stay a step ahead of member needs to contribute to positive outcomes.

With Lumiata, you can give personalized telemedicine care, improve chronic disease management no matter the location, and prevent catastrophic health events through remote interventions.

Lumiata is here to help.

We recognize that a lot of important work goes on in healthcare, and we want to support healthcare professionals and payers by helping to solve your pain points.

If you wish to gain actionable insights with AI and machine learning, reduce your risk, or provide better care management, Lumiata has a solution. 

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