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Our Spectrum Model Catalog is Crushing Benchmarks


Lumiata Models outperformed Cotiviti by 65%


Lumiata’s High Cost Member Model for Commercial and Medicare Advantage members beat Wakely by up to 80%


Lumiata’s Cost Models outperformed DHHS model by >200% using claims of 20M+ patients


Lumiata AI Models outperformed Large National Health Plan legacy methods by 20% in predictive precision, which equals ~$18-20 pmpm

Creating Quantifiable Business Value

Lumiata identified 66% more High Cost Members than Cotiviti

Solutions that Lumiata can help you with

Actuarial & Underwriting

Increase competitiveness with precise cost and risk predictions

Boost risk assessment accuracy

Improve system reliability by detecting anomalies in the underwriting process

Slow market share erosion resulting from sub-optimal pricing

Identify high-cost group models to support underwriting

Care & Disease

Support improved primary care through enhanced acute and chronic disease onset predictions

Identify at-risk patients earlier to reduce costs and improve outcomes

Generate accurate predictions of over 20 diseases

Proactively identify patients likely to develop intervention-intensive conditions

Reduce hospital admissions with insights into disease-related complications

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