Looking to leverage insights from your telemedicine patients?

Drive better outcomes with the predictive power of Lumiata's AI models.

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Want to predict high-cost healthcare claims?

Tap into Lumiata’s predictive power generated from access to more than 100 million patient records.

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Want to put the “prevent” in preventive medicine?

Leverage Lumiata, the only AI company built from the ground up, specifically for the healthcare industry.

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Want to predict group costs?

Enrich your data with the clinical knowledge and proprietary IP of Lumiata’s Disease Codes.

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Want your healthcare data primed for AI?

Lumiata’s AI platform autonomously prepares healthcare data for machine learning.

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Experience the predictive power of Lumiata.

Groundbreaking predictive analytics starts with machine learning tools and applications that are custom-built for healthcare. Lumiata is ushering in a new era for teams core to the business and delivery of healthcare –– underwriting, actuarial, care managers, and pharmacists. Lumiata’s superior cost and risk predictions consistently outperform legacy methods. Lumiata is modernizing how risk and care are managed across healthcare.

Lumiata applications and data science tools enable a flexible and collaborative partnership with payers, providers, and digital health companies. We meet you where you are in your AI journey.

Tools for Data Science Teams

Equip your data science teams with the ML productivity tools they need.

  • Lightning AI Model Builder
  • Spectrum AI Model Catalog
  • ML Lifecycle Management
  • Healthcare Data Management

Tools for Business Teams

Superior predictive insights to manage cost and risk.

  • Predictive Applications
  • Healthcare Data Analytics

Your data illuminated.


Combine all your healthcare data sets from standarized codes to handwritten notes into a single data set.


Patient’s data is organized into a single record and enriched with Lumiata Disease Codes that make your data ready for machine learning.


Deep insights derived from your illuminated data can now help to inform better decision making to predict costs and manage risk.

We draw from healthcare data, medical knowledge, and clinical IP.



Patient Records



Physician Curation Hours



Articles Mined From PubMed

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Your AI partner in predicting costs and managing risk.

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