What if you could predict who has greatest risk of hospitalization within the next 3 months or week?

What if you knew which employees have a high risk of developing CHF over the next 6 months?

What if you could see which members will progress to Stage 3 CKD in the next year?

AI-powered Analytics for Precision Risk Management & Care Coordination

The AI engine behind our analytics is the Lumiata Medical Graph, which models human pathophysiology and epidemiology.

It understands medicine and health in the same way a clinician would, recognizing complex relationships in data and bringing forward targeted actions items for risk management and care coordination.


Prioritized, verifiable interventions that drive towards healthier patients at lower cost.

Population Health Organizations

Personalized, real-time predictions with clear clinical reasoning on how each person’s health is likely to change over six-month increments.


Targeted care coordination enabled by time-based predictions for each individual.

Digital Health Companies

A clinically-relevant API that can be plugged into a wide range of apps.

Goodbye Black-Box Analytics

We show you the the detailed medical rationale behind every prediction, giving you the ability to navigate risk, and the confidence to act towards maximizing both care management and ROI.

Risk Management with Clinical Rationale

The Lumiata Risk Matrix delivers personalized, time-based predictions with associated chains of medical reasoning on how each person’s health is likely to change, and  how fast that change with occur.

Each medical condition is assigned a probability score for each condition over 6-month increments, allowing a view of evolving health over time, and understanding of when would be the most timely care intervention.


Committed to Scientific and Medical Rigor

We keep you ahead of the curve by continuously using stringent criteria to validate our analyses.

Our validation efforts show high sensitivity and specificity, and positive predictive value.


on PPV across most major diagnoses


concordance for Emergency Severity Index and final diagnosis with physicians

Investors and Partners

Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures

Lumiata has created a new predictive engine to help turn the practice of medicine into a science.

Investors and Partners

Matt Downs, Managing Director, Sandbox Industries

Lumiata is uniquely positioned to help health plans identify gaps in care, diagnosis and data inherent in their member populations.

Investors and Partners

Somesh Nigam, Chief Infomatics Officer, Independence

Lumiata's predictive-first approach allows Independence to make sophisticated predictions in real-time, and use medical rationale to detect under-diagnosed diseases. It also recommends high-value interventions to primary care providers.

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