Enabling healthcare to be predictive-first
where health + care is proactive, hyper-personalized, and real-time

Medically-driven Analytics for the Entire Healthcare Network

We combine data science + medicine in the form of the world’s first Medical Graph, which seeks to mimic multi-dimensional human reasoning.

Our approach helps you identify, prioritize and optimize resources for patient care, risk adjustment and reimbursement, personalized health and strategic planning.


Understand the past, present, and future trajectory of your health in real-time, with actionable next steps that enable you to take control of your current and future health.

Payers and Risk Bearing Entities

Discover and forecast the clinical, reimbursement and risk-based context for individuals and populations with greater speed and accuracy.

Providers and Health Systems

Deliver higher quality, proactive care to more patients in less time with a comprehensive view of your patients’ current and future health states.

Digital Health Companies

Embed Lumiata’s clinically-intelligent API in a wide range of personalized health apps.

Delivering Immediate Value Through Health Data Stories

Our Health Data Stories connect the dots between complex multi-sourced patient data and medical knowledge. They provide predictive and prescriptive insights on risk adjustment, patient health, and more, and clinical models on individuals and populations.

Risk Management and Population Analytics

Pinpoint gaps in data, diagnosis, and care for individuals and populations with targeted insights that reduce cost, manage risk and optimize care in the near and long term.


Hyper-Personalized Patient Risk and Wellness Analytics

Understand and confirm high-risk conditions with medical rationale, relevant diagnostic steps to confirm or rule out conditions, and associated financial implications for revenue cycle management.

Real-time Clinical Analytics

Improve patient triage and drive patient value through better assessment of reason for visit.

Committed To Scientific Rigor. Ensuring Medical Intelligence

We keep you ahead of the curve by continuously using stringent criteria to validate our analyses.
Our validation efforts show high sensitivity and specificity, and positive predictive value.


on sensitivities and specificities across most major diagnoses


concordance with Emergency Severity Index, with strong concordance with M.D.s

Investors and Partners

Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures

Lumiata has created a new predictive engine to help turn the practice of medicine into a science.

Investors and Partners

Somesh Nigam, Chief Infomatics Officer, Independence

Lumiata's predictive-first approach allows Independence to make sophisticated predictions in real-time, and use medical rationale to detect under-diagnosed diseases. It also recommends high-value interventions to primary care providers.

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